Flirt Mobile is a unique and versatile dating experience. You can connect with people for flirting or dating on your mobile phone AND your desktop or laptop PC.
You can stay in complete control of your Membership thanks to Flirt Mobile on your mobile.

You can be the first to see new profiles, first to send a message and the first to be successful by checking who's online, right now.

With tens of thousands UK people joining every day there has never been a better time to get mobile and upgrade - and all for such fantastic value.

What is Flirt Mobile?
It's an Online Dating site which is designed to be used easily from a computer (PC or laptop) or from a mobile phone. Your phone must have web access. Flirt Mobile is NOT a mobile phone app (application) so no software actually is stored on your phone.

Account & Payment Information
How much does it cost?
It is FREE to join both the Online service (PC and Phone browser) and the GPS service. Flirt Mobile do not charge any extra to use the mobile version of the website. Charges may be incurred to your phone bill depending on your network tariff. However if you wish to upgrade to full membership which will enable you to send / receive messages, a subscription fee of £14.95 per month is required.

What methods can I pay with?
If you would like to upgrade to full membership using your mobile phone there are a range of payment methods for you to chose from

  • Credit or debit cards
  • SMS Payments
  • PayPal
  • If these methods are unsuitable for you, we offer a cheque or postal order service. Please contact the support team for more information.

How can I cancel my membership?
If you want to cancel your membership you can do it via the SUPPORT section of FlirtMobile -both via the mobile or desktop website.

Can I access "free reads" through the mobile site?
At the moment the free read access is not available on mobile phone devices, so you need to do this on a PC.

Can I use my Flirt Mobile "bolt ons" on the mobile version?
Currently it's not possible to use bolt-ons from a mobile device, It is currently not possible to purchase bolt-ons using your mobile phone.
But these may be something we introduce in the near future.

How do I enter an offer code I have received in an email?
Currently this isn't possible from the mobile version of Flirt Mobile. If you can get access you can apply the code via your laptop or desktop computer.

Mobile Dating UK

How To?
How do I get to the mobile site?
When you log in - on your mobile or your computer - Flirt Mobile automatically detects what type of device you are using and sends you to the correct landing page /- either the desktop or mobile version of the site.

How do I delete my messages on my phone?
In order to delete messages from your message inbox just open the message you would like to remove and click the cross in the top right hand corner. You will be asked to confirm if you want to delete the message by clicking 'delete'.

How do I perform a Search?
There are 3 ways to perform a search from the mobile version of Flirt Mobile.

  • Local - this searches the local area for profiles within a radius of your gps location
  • Online - this searches for profiles of users which are online, displayed closest first (representive to your profile postcode)
  • Search - Customisable search by various parameters

A basic search will list all members available on the site, ordered by last online date/time and closest to you.
Your search results can be refined by a number of attributes you select including age, location, with a photo, non-smoker etc.

How do I view my Winks?
By clicking / tapping on the winks button, you can see which users have sent you a wink and from there, get in touch with them.
The winks you have received are ordered by latest received or sent results. Tapping or clicking on items in the list directs the user to the associated members profile page. Switching between sent and received winks can be accomplished by tapping the button to the top right of the view, named 'View Sent' and 'View Received'.

Where can I locate members online?
By selecting the 'online' search feature, or by selecting this as a parameter on the Search page.

How do I perform a local search?
Tapping / clicking on the 'local' button will search for member profiles that are local to your GPS location.
Tap or click the 'local' button to search for member profiles that are local to your GPS location.
The 'Local' option allows you to find members local to you by using your mobile device's built in geo-location (GPS) information.
On pressing the 'Local' button from the Dashboard, you may be asked for permission to access location data in order to apply your information when searching for results. Once allowed, the search will take place and the results will be returned using the postcode as calculated from the phone's location data as a search origin.
If disallowed or if the device does not support geo-location services, a standard search will be performed using your pre-set postcode as an origin from which to find a member nearby.

How do I edit my personal profile, interests and characteristics?
To edit your profile from the mobile version, you simply select your profile and tap the edit button next to each field.
You are able to update the following sections of your profile using your mobile phone: Region, Postcode, Looking for, Profile description, Characteristics and Interests. To edit the various aspects of your profile, simply tap the 'Edit >' link to the right of each of the titles in your profile view. Remember to save changes using either of the buttons to the top right or base of each view.

Can I see a message thread between myself and another member?
Message threads are displayed in the messages section of the mobile version.

Mobile Dating UK

Data Sharing
Will messages I read / send on my mobile be accessible from my computer?
Yes. The mobile version of Flirt Mobile is just a different way of viewing it. All data (including messages) will remain the same and show up regardless of the platform you are viewing it from. Nobody else will be able to see your personal data, so you can flirt with no worries about anyone knowing your own private business.

Use of Cookies
In order to delete the cookies saved in your browser take the following actions -

  • iPhone - Settings > Safari > Clear cookies and Date
  • Blackberry - Start page > History > Options > Cookies > Clear Browser Data > Click on cookies > Clear Now
  • Android - Settings > Privacy > Delete Cookies > OK > Delete Cache > OK > Delete History > OK > Check mark icon to save

Will actions carried out on the mobile version be shared across other social media accounts which I have my phone connected to?
The mobile version of Flirt Mobile will not share or access any other social media networks or applications which you may have running on your mobile phone.

Will people be able to track my location using the GPS
No. Flirt Mobile uses your GPS location to find profiles (not users) nearby to your location.
These nearby profiles are taken from their postcode which was used at the time of creating their profile.
This is the safest way to use GPS tracking technology as it protects the public from potential stalkers.

Mobile Dating UK

Can I cancel my membership through the mobile site?
Yes, we make it very easy to stop or cancel your membership. We know that when you meet someone it's only right and proper that you don't use online dating, but concentrate on your new relationship. To cancel check the support section.

What is the best way to contact the support team?
The best way to contact the support team is to send us a message via the support section. For help and assistance using the mobile app, please head to your Dashboard and tap 'Help & Support' in the site footer (bottom of the page). In this section you'll be able to see the member ID, find a support telephone number along with our operating hours, email the support team, and delete your account.

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What handsets does it work with?
The mobile version of Flirt Mobile has been designed to work with a variety of modern smart phone handsets which have HTML rendering capabilities, such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Windows Mobile.

Do I need to be on WiFi?
Wifi is not needed to use the mobile version of Flirt Mobile. The site is designed to work using a 3G or 4G signal, although WiFi might give you faster page loading times. Where WiFi is possible it's better to use it for speed and convenience (and less cost to you).

Can I use my mobile phone to upload pictures?
No. You will need to upload a photo on to the site using a PC, as the mobile version does not support this facility.
Alternatively, you can email the photo to us at - along with your member ID number. A member of the support team will then be able to upload these for you and ensure they are visible on your profile.

Is there IM on mobile?
There is no IM feature on the mobile version of Flirt Mobile, however this may be something we look to introduce in the near future.

Mobile Dating UK

Who provides the dating service?
The site is part of The Flirt Group. the dating service is provided by White Label Dating