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Wherever you are you can use the GPS service from Flirt Mobile to locate someone nearby using GPS technology. It's the new "Blind Date".
Say Hello to someone and meet for a drink in a local pub, or grab a coffee in a nearby cafe, or take lunch together.
It's the easiest way to find someone in your locality for friendship, a date, a social chat, or just get to know them.

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Mobile GPS Dating

How does it work?
You sign up to use Flirt Mobile on your phone. Once registered and you want to use the service, the server will check whether there is the right person within a short distance. Location info is supplied by your phone's GPS (location service based on satellites).

How do I locate a person locally using GPS technology?
Log in to Flirt Mobile with your username and password.
Tap or click the 'local' button to search for member profiles that are local to your GPS location.
The 'Local' option allows you to find members local to you by using your mobile device's built in geo-location (GPS) information.
On pressing the 'Local' button from the Dashboard, you may be asked for permission to access location data in order to apply your information when searching for results. Once allowed, the search will take place and the results will be returned using the postcode as calculated from the phone's location data as a search origin.
If disallowed or if the device does not support geo-location services, a standard search will be performed using your pre-set postcode as an origin from which to find a member nearby.

What is this going to cost me?
You can receive an unlimited number of Mobile Messages, winks or connections absolutely free. Once you receive an alert, you will see the photo and all the information available about the other person. Typically, you won't physically see the other person, as the GPS information is taken from their phone registration details - not their actual location at this very second. If you are a basic (free) member and you initiate a message exchange (i.e. send the first message) or receive a reply that you want to read, you will be asked for a small fee which will enable unlimited Mobile Messages, winks or connections for 1, 2, 3 or more months depending on the membership option you choose.

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